Our team

Adolfo Prieto, Partner and Consultant



Adolfo has a double Masters Degree in Human Resources and Management with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science, both from National Louis University in Illinois.  He has extensive experience working in several areas of business such as Management, Operations, HR, Marketing, Finance, Training, and Consulting. In Addition, he is an experienced multi-business owner and Entrepreneur.  

His resume includes time with Fortune 500 Companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, nationally recognized non-profit organizations such as the Urban league of Greater Atlanta, highly respected universities such as The University of Georgia, and currently teaching at Georgia State University 

Adolfo is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge of business and culture to his clients, and is driven to bridge the cultural gaps in business.  He is widely recognized as an excellent communicator with the ability to explain the most difficult  topics in simple and easy to understand ways.

Gissell Lively, Partner and Consultant



Gissell is a founding Partner and Consultant.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Catholic University  in Quito, Ecuador.  Her professional experience ranges from HR Manager and Head of the Legal Department of a multi-national oil company, to VP of a manufacturing company.  

Gissell is known for her ability to see and dissect operational issues and excels at working with business owners in coaching formats.  Her ability and focus on getting businesses from concept to reality is unsurpassed and she is driven to help clients be as effective and efficient in their business as can be.

  In addition to her corporate resume, Gissell is also an experienced entrepreneur with personal knowledge ranging from start-ups to franchises and is passionate about people issues in the workplace, systems, and management controls.

In addition to her corporate experience, Gissell is also a consultant for the nationally recognized Urban League of Greater Atlanta.

Adrian Camacho Salas, Consultant



Adrian is an alumni of the prestigious NUR University in Bolivia with a  degree in Foreign Trade and Integration. 

In addition to his academic studies, Adrian is certified as an International Commerce Professional Ontological Coach (Institute of International Coach- Colombia), and Customer Relations and Ship Management (CRM Latin American Institution).

Adrian is also an experienced trainer and developer of programs catered to the specific needs of our clients.  He is also trained to teach and is skilled  in social media marketing, Google Ads, Analytics for Business, SEO Master Tools, Digital Marketing, Financial Intelligence, CRM, Relational Marketing, Sales, E-Commerce, Business in Progress, and Marketing Networks.

Adrian is passionate about creating harmony between technology and people to make businesses as efficient as possible.